Raw Foods Retreats, Cleanses and Detox
Raw foods options, juice cleanses and detoxes are now offered as part of our healthy vacation packages.  And where better than the land of “Pura Vida” to begin a new lifestyle or reboot yourself to a healthy way of eating and living?  What we put into our bodies is quite possibly the most important thing we do on a daily basis and this will dictate how we think, act, feel and perform.

Raw Food Costa Rica

Let us introduce you to a living foods lifestyle.  We can help you with resources and information on becoming vegetarian, vegan or even how to transition to a raw food lifestyle.  Don’t worry though; we are not judgmental or preachy.  Any amount of these living, healthy and natural foods that you add to your diet will offer positive results and we are happy to show you how to integrate these into your daily life.  We offer several different options for people who follow a raw food lifestyle or would like to learn more about a plant based, whole food, raw way of eating.





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